Basic Information on Orangutans

There are two species of orangutan – the Sumatran orangutan and the Bornean orangutan.

Generic Name: Pongo

Specific Name: abelii (Sumatran orangutan) and pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan).

Location: Orangutans are located on the Malaysian islands of Borneo and Sumatra in Southeast Asia.

Lifespan: Orangutans living in their natural environment can live up to 45 years old or more. 

Fertilisation: Orangutans develop offspring by going through internal fertilisation. The male Orangutan inserts his penis into the females vagina and penetrates in which he releases sperm directly into the female reproductive tract to meet with the egg inside the female. The fusing of the 2 gametes (Sperm & Egg) to form a zygote occur inside the female Orangutans body.

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